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This time, the author kindly tested a ThinkPad P15v Gen 2 high-end version, which is essentially the professional graphics card version of the same generation of ThinkPad T15p Gen 2. Let’s take a look at the latest version of the orthodox professional gra

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The text of this article is more than 3800 words, 50 pictures, divided into the following chapters:

People's City(人民城郭)


People are all the same(人云亦云)

What people want(人心所向)



People's City

The original meaning of the People's City is that the city is still old, but people are not the original. It is used to lament the changes in the situation and the fact that things are not people.

Here, what I want to express is the exact opposite: things are not people, people are still the original author, but ThinkPad has developed and changed a lot.


The picture is from Dunhuang's Travel Notes · Boloko's Crescent Spring in China, the link is https://4travel.jp/travelogue/11536745


Since 20 years ago, from IBM to Lenovo, ThinkPad's T series is undoubtedly the elite model of notebook computers.

The models with the suffix p in the T series were used as the successors of the King A series after the retirement;

1636352931189837.jpgLater, it was replaced by the short-lived R50p, and T60p and T61p appeared, which were eventually split by the W series (for example, W500 is actually T500p);

1636352932470338.jpgBut models such as T440p have appeared endlessly, and the reverberation still surrounds the beam until now. The latest model is ThinkPad T15p Gen 2.

The meaning of the suffix p of the T series, from the perspective of historical changes, has been streamlined from professional performance to performance performance, while the professional professional is now in charge of the P series.

Previously, the author has conducted a comparative evaluation of the ThinkPad P series of new models in 2021: P14s Gen 2 and P15s Gen 2. The evaluation article has already been issued, although it is not ruled out that they are individual cases, the feeling left to the author by the two is not ruled out. It's annoying.


This time, the author kindly tested a ThinkPad P15v Gen 2 high-end version, which is essentially the professional graphics card version of the same generation of ThinkPad T15p Gen 2. Let’s take a look at the latest version of the orthodox professional graphics card version from the classic elite T series. Type, how will its performance be!




The original meaning of unpretentious people: "Ancient" refers to the ancient social customs, used to express the treacherous and meanness of the current human heart, and is not honest and sincere in the ancients.

Here, the author’s meaning is slightly different: it means that with the development of social sciences, people’s mentality is no longer the same as before.

But sometimes, on the road of development and change, things that have been tried and tested will continue to be used.

For example, the ThinkPad packaging outer box: ThinkPad P15v Gen 2 (hereinafter referred to as "P15v") continues to use it without hesitation-the front of the outer box is the word "Think" filled with a huge diagonal, in which the letter "i" "The red dot is used exclusively in laptops, and even your own ThinkBook can't covet it.

1636352932193837.jpgOn the other side, it keeps pace with the times, adding UN3091, a warning label for Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment. The version of the China Energy Efficiency Label sold in China remains unchanged, with a typical energy consumption value of 24.8kWh.

1636352932129025.jpgThe information label on the side of the outer box marked "Official Refurbished Excellent Product", indicating that this P15v is an official refurbished machine, and the refurbishment date is October 12, 2021.

The MTM model model is 21A9CTO1WW, the CPU is intel i9-11950H, the discrete graphics card is NVIDIA RTX A2000, and the screen resolution is 3840x2160. These three hardware are the highest optional configurations of the current P15v.

1636352932154672.jpgOpen the outer box, inside is the accessory inner box and the P15v host under the protection of black foam.

1636352932571853.jpgThe power supply model of this P15v is ADL135SDC3A, produced by Delta Electronics. The output direct current is 20 volts, 6.74 amps, and the maximum power is 135 watts.

1636352933455951.jpgThe upper cover of the P15v is only available in black, not the storm gray color like the P14s and P15s I tested before. The material is engineering plastics (PC + ABS). The Lenovo and ThinkPad logos are the same as other models of the same generation. , Occupy the upper left corner and the lower right corner respectively.

1636352933700965.jpgThe picture below is a comparison between the P15v and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a thickness of 8.3 mm. The body size of the P15v is 366.5 x 250 x 22.7 mm. There is no port on the front, and only the camera physical blocking switch can be seen in the center of the upper cover.

1636352933411717.jpgThe ports on the left side of the P15v fuselage, from left to right, are: square power interface, Thunderbolt 4 interface, heat dissipation window, and optional smart card (SC) card slot.

1636352933831992.jpgThe ports on the right side of the P15v fuselage, from left to right are: 3.5 mm audio input and output composite port, SD card reader, HDMI 2.0, two USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 ports (one of which supports power off), Ethernet RJ45 Port, security keyhole.

1636352933329189.jpgThere is only an optional built-in wireless wide area network (WWAN) required SIM card slot on the rear of the fuselage.

1636352933671508.jpgThe bottom of the P15v has a tapered design with a beveled edge. The base and bottom materials of the fuselage are also PC+ABS engineering plastics.

1636352933136614.jpgSince the material is engineering plastic, the bottom corner of the fuselage is marked with "ThinkPad P15v Gen 2", but the base material of the fuselage is not marked.


The other corner of the bottom of the fuselage has a sticker with pre-installed Windows, and the rectangular hole above the sticker is a drainage hole for the keyboard's splash-proof function. The small hole on the left side of the sticker is the P15v crash reset jack.


There are only four small elongated foot pads at the bottom, and the layout and density of the heat dissipation grid is not very arrogant, which means that the heat dissipation system of the P15v is not very powerful.

1636352934126367.jpgUnfolding the P15v's screen cover, the atmosphere is serious, not moving as loose.

1636352934445407.jpgThe screen border is slightly narrow on the left and right, not narrow at the top, and wide at the bottom. The bottom left corner of the screen is marked with P15v.

1636352934467904.jpgThe camera system at the top center of the screen of this P15v includes an infrared camera, so it supports Windows Hello face recognition.

1636352934350604.jpgThe P15v's screen cover maintains its due advantages of being able to expand 180 degrees.

1636352934616617.jpgThe screen cover can achieve a 180-degree unfolding angle, which is a very comfortable thing compared to the author.

From this perspective, the ThinkPad's red pointing stick gives the P15v a serious and unmoving atmosphere, and brings the so-called "Central Plains A Little Red" style.

1636352935489450.jpgOriginally "Central Plains A Little Red" was the nickname of a killer in the Gulong martial arts novel "The Legend of Chu Liuxiang". In the current era of fast consumer video popularity, the author thinks that there are not many readers who know this allusion (not "stalk"). .

However, this has no effect on the existence of ThinkPad's red pointing stick.

1636352935244319.jpgThe keyboard layout of the P15v does not need to be said, and it is the same as other current models of the same door.

1636352935675311.jpgThe author has always disliked ThinkPad's policy of continuous flat development of the physical buttons of the pointing stick system in recent years. Fortunately, it can be solved by using an external ThinkPad seven-row keyboard.

1636352935504615.jpgHowever, the author does not dislike the use of engineering plastics for the P15v body material: as a model that does not attempt to exert strength in terms of lightness and thinness, the body material uses engineering plastics that have many advantages in addition to inconvenience, lightness and thinness, which is very affordable. s Choice.

1636352935318906.jpghow you said that?

Because the flagship model of ThinkPad that I used many years ago and the A31p, which is also the ancestor of today's P series, also uses an engineering plastic body shell. I believe that its comfort and ease of maintenance are better than metal materials. In view of the limitations of the times, the weight and thickness of the A13p are much higher than that of the P15v, and the performance is far inferior.

However, light, thin and beautiful are now the mainstream fashion, and laptops with metal bodies are more popular with most users.

One day, with the popularization of technology and the decline of costs, notebooks made of all-titanium alloys will soon appear.


People are all the same

Renyunyiyun means that what others say, and what they say follow, that they have no opinion and will only follow the voice.

Here, the meaning of the author’s expression is also different: others can express their own opinions, and they can also express themselves. As for whether the opinions are the same, the second is the expression.

For expressing opinions on a laptop, generally there is no actual use test, and only the cloud evaluation cloud speaks.

This P15v is equipped with a power supply of 135 watts, which is much higher than the flagship ThinkPad A31p more than 10 years ago. From the appearance of the P15v shown above, there is only a heat dissipation and exhaust window on the left side of the body, and an air intake window grille on the bottom. It is not unassuming, using the current Intel Core i9 processor, plus nvidia RTX A2000 discrete graphics card.

Therefore, it is necessary to study the internal structure of the body before actual use and benchmark testing.

The daily maintenance level disassembly of P15v starts from the bottom of the fuselage. You need to loosen the 9 screws at the bottom, but you don't need to remove them, because the 9 screws are all designed with anti-lost design.


After loosening the 9 screws at the bottom, use a plastic pick to pry open the connection between the bottom cover and the base of the fuselage, and then the bottom cover can be removed.

1636352935548895.jpgThe inside of the bottom cover of the P15v has only a metal dust-proof net and related heat dissipation gaskets, and no other parts.


The inside of the bottom cover of the fuselage is clearly marked and the material is PC+ABS-TD 15F R(40);

The marked COVESTRO FR3021 further explains that it belongs to the PC/ABS FR3021 heat-resistant, flame-retardant and fire-retardant material of Bayer Covestro;

Conductive coating means that it has a conductive coating.

1636352936198654.jpgA view of the bottom of the P15v after removing the bottom cover.


Located at the upper right part of the bottom, which is equivalent to the upper left part of the C-plane direction, is where the heat dissipation system is located:

Two heat pipes and one fan run through the GPU and CPU packaged on the motherboard by the BGA.

1636352936936881.jpgOn the left side of the fan is an opposing dual memory slot, the machine is installed with two 16GB DDR4-3200MHz memory;

On the lower side of the fan is the dual M.2 slot for installing the hard disk, the machine only installs a 512GB 2280 M.2 SSD;


The port on the left side of the bottom is reinforced with a whole metal rib.

1636352936184943.jpgIn the lower left corner of the bottom is an L-shaped built-in lithium-ion battery, model L19L6P72, produced by LG New Energy, which was newly established in 2020 and has a Chinese production base in Nanjing.

The main parameters of this battery are:

The standard capacity is 5887mAh/68Wh, and the rated capacity is 5653mAh/65.3Wh;

The standard power supply is 11.55 volts, and the charging limit voltage is 13.20 volts


The side of the built-in lithium-ion battery is the motherboard BIOS CR2302 button battery.

Please pay attention to what was mentioned at the beginning of the above: a new UN3091-warning label for built-in lithium metal battery is added on the back of the P15v outer box.

It is because this motherboard BIOS CR2302 button battery is a disposable battery that uses lithium metal or a mixture of metal lithium as the anode, and then in accordance with the new safety standards, a warning label must be made on the outer box.

1636352937639427.jpgAt the bottom left near the screen axis, the P15v also has an M.2 slot, which is used to install the built-in wireless wide area network (WWAN) card. As for whether the M.2 SSD can be installed and used normally, I will test it later .


This machine is not a model with a WWAN card pre-installed at the factory, so the corresponding WWAN antenna cannot be seen; at the same time, the corresponding SIM card slot at the back of the machine body is also filled and quickly sealed; therefore, if the user needs to install a WWAN card by himself, The two problems of antenna and SIM card tray must be solved.

1636352937703368.jpgThe speaker of the P15v is located between the keyboard and the screen on the C side. The two speakers can be observed at the bottom after removing the bottom cover. The rectangular speaker cabinet is very small, so I think that the sound effect of the P15v should not be too much. expect.


Between the right speaker in the bottom direction and the right screen axis, is the dual-antenna intel wireless network card packaged on the motherboard, and the connection line interface for the motherboard to connect to the screen.

From the perspective of the direction of the wireless antenna line, the wireless antenna is designed inside the upper cover of the screen, and its wireless signal transmission and reception effect is better than the layout where the antenna is located on the edge of the base of the fuselage.

1636352937147910.jpgLooking back at the cooling fan carefully, it is produced by SUNON and uses 12 volt direct current.

1636352937562325.jpgThe radiating fins in the direction of the heat dissipation vent are blackened, and the Thunderbolt 4 and the power interface on one side are reinforced by binding metal ribs and the screen shaft.

1636352938512590.jpgFrom the observation and display above, the internal structure of this P15v has no obvious bright spots and no obvious shortcomings. Its dual memory plugs, dual M.2 SSD slots, and an expansion design that can be built-in WWAN cards are currently 15 inches In laptops, it is definitely above the pass line.


What people want

What people want means what the people support and yearn for.

This time, I can't go against the will of the people and have a new interpretation of this idiom.

As a laptop user, especially as a user of a laptop belonging to a mobile workstation, what I yearn for is to get the highest possible professional performance at the lowest possible price. In fact, this person’s desire is suitable for All users, all products and all occasions.

On the official website of P15v in China, another name labeled ThinkPad P15v Gen 2 is P15v 2021. As far as current technology development is concerned, it is unlikely that multiple generations of the same model will appear within a year, so it will not appear. Similar: P15v 2025.04, P15v 2025.09 such names appear.

1636352938425712.jpgIt should be noted that the official Chinese website marked P15v 2021 with the word ---- equipped with a powerful mobile graphics workstation, and as a higher level, last year's P15 2020, the word marked with ---- Tatu-level strength mobile workstations.

The CPU of this P15v is an intel i9-11950H, which is powerful enough, but its graphics card is RTX A2000, I really cannot admit that it is powerful enough. 

In addition, the author has been studying the use of the term "Tatu level" on P15. From the perspective of positioning and vocabulary, "Tatu" seems to be more powerful than "powerful"?

When I was testing this P15v 2021, the highest configuration of the ThinkPad P15 Gen 2 I ordered in August was also just right. 

Arriving by coincidence-it is naturally called P15 2021 in China-so when the P15 2021 evaluation article is issued, it will definitely make a research conclusion on this "Tatatu".

Having said that, from the names of P15 to P15v, P15v has a "v" meaning. I think it should be "Value", that is, value, that is, cost performance.

On this point, the official English website also made it clear.

1636352938543489.jpgBUILT FOR CREATORS WHO----built for creators----shows that P15v is positioned as a creative design book;

DEMAND MORE VALUE----Requires higher value----It shows that P15v pursues cost performance;

Built with robust ThinkShield Security features and MILSPEC-tested for ultimate reliability, this rugged secure system is ideal for Higher Education, Software Developers or any power user handling large workloads to multitask with ease----ThinkPad P15v is designed for those who need more value Created by creators, calmly deal with everything, and narrow the price and performance gap between entry-level and high-end workstations ---- indicating that P15v is a mid-range model located between low-end and high-end.



In this way, the reason why the P15v fuselage uses engineering plastics is self-evident, and the reason why high-end mobile professional graphics cards are not used seems to be understandable, and the reason is to reduce costs.

As a result, the price that the author of this P15v can get is RMB 12000, which is estimated to be less than one-third of the price of the ThinkPad P15 Gen 2 sold in China with the same CPU and screen.

This is the power of P15v's "v"-the price is relatively approachable!

In this way, can the performance of P15v be expected?

Can P15v subvert the common sense that "cheap is not good, good goods are not cheap"?

1636352938169850.jpgEverything needs to be measured!

Stay tuned: " ThinkPad P15v Gen 2 Review Experience Articles: the hearts of the people"

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