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The original text is in Chinese, and it was translated by Google.
Please understand that there are some unsatisfactory words!


The full text is more than 3,000 words and more than 80 pictures, divided into the following chapters:

  • Note hopeless in heart

  • Heart W22 unpacking

  • A new look of heart

  • Heart and my heart

  • New set of heart

  • What is the heart of the world?(Original Chinese is"何为心系天下")

Note hopeless in heart

As we all know, it can be described as the most high-end W series in Samsung mobile phones, which is defined as follows:

1. Noble work, luxurious and fine workmanship;

2. Only for sales in China;

3. The original source is the high-end and deeply customized flagship mobile phone series launched by Samsung and China Telecom on December 26, 2008. The main customer target is the social elite in the traditional sense;

4. "Heart is the world."(Original Chinese is "心系天下")

For thirteen years from 2008 to the present, Samsung and China Telecom have jointly produced the "Heart of the World" W series. Many of its proceeds have been used in China's public welfare undertakings, which has accumulated a good reputation for both Samsung and China Telecom.


It is inconvenient to review one by one after 13 years, and most of the models have not been personally used one by one, so I can’t express any opinions. I have only experienced W2018 and W2019, which were launched in 2017 and 2018, and the two are still unique, using a "prestigious" dual-screen flip design:


In 2019, with the release of Samsung's folding screen phones Galaxy Z Fold and Fold 2, based on this, W20 and W21 were launched in 2019 and 2020 respectively, and finally adopted the same folding screen design as Galaxy Z Fold:


Back to now, with the launch of Galaxy Z Fold 3, the protagonist of this article-Samsung W22 5G, landed:


Since 2016, the main machine is Samsung Galaxy S or NOTE series, the main machine currently used is Galaxy NOTE 20 Ultra 5G, one NOTE 9 is reserved as a backup machine, and two Galaxy Z Flip3 5Gs have been recently experienced. It seems, seems to be a hard-core Samsung user (forgive me for not using the term "fan").

With the release of the Samsung W22 5G, the Samsung Mall built into the Galaxy NOTE 20 Ultra 5G in hand began to frequently push various W22 5G advertisements, and mobile phone text messages continued to receive preferential purchase policies from Samsung.

In fact, the author has been waiting for the successor of Galaxy NOTE 20 Ultra 5G;

However, for now, it seems that N21 or N30 is nowhere in sight;

So I thought about it, and finally gritted my teeth and clicked the W22 5G reservation button.


Heart W22 unpacking

On October 24, SF Express arrived:



Immediately out of the box:



The heart on the front of the outer box is shining in the world, and there is a shopping list:



The shopping list is as follows, without any gifts:


Remove the packaging film to make the world more dazzling:


The shape of the outer box is square and serious, with golden fonts, it seems to exude the atmosphere of aristocratic officials:


The side of the outer box continues to be marked in gold font: Heart is the world SAMSUNG W22 5G Premium Edition, primary school English level can be translated: Heart is the world Samsung W22 5G Premium Edition.


On the other side are detailed relevant data:

It can be seen that the full model name of W22 5G is SM-W2022, SM means it is a Samsung mobile phone, 2022 naturally means that it is for 2022, W... I will explain it later.


The back of the outer box is very simple. The word 5G Netcom-Netcom is marked on the upper right corner, which is generally a special vocabulary in China.



Remove the outer box cover, and you will never leave the world.



Unfolding the inner box, facing the world or thinking about the world, this should be its last advertisement: change the future and launch it grandly.



Take out the accessory inner box with the last advertisement, and finally you can see the W22 body:


Don't worry, open this accessory box, there is an original phone case dedicated to W22, and a dedicated stylus pen.



There is a place on the back of the W22 special mobile phone case to store the special pen:



I took off the special pen and found that the phone case also used the space to store the instruction manual.



The inside of the W22 special mobile phone case is as follows:



The W22 special mobile phone case also has a serial number, marked that the material is leather, and comes with an S Pen (that is, a stylus).

The special stylus has a golden ring and SAMSUNG with white font. Why not use gold together?



Looking back, continue to pay attention to the W22 ontology:



After taking out the W22, it was found that there was a black paper card under the inner box, also in gold font, marked with W22 5G noble butler service.



The positive content of the W22 5G Premium Butler Service Black Card is as follows:



The content on the back is as follows:



After taking out the W22 5G Premium Butler Service Black Card, there are many accessories in the inner box:



These accessories are card access pins, dual-head USB-C data power cord, power supply, stylus spare nib and nib mounting clip, as well as a Samsung Life Assistant exclusive membership discount card.


It should be noted that the W22 5G premium butler service black card and Samsung Life Assistant exclusive membership discount card are not the same thing.



On the left is the power supply of W22G, and on the right is the power supply of the Galaxy NOTE 20 Ultra 5G I used before. The two are basically the same, except that the color of the shell is slightly different, which should be caused by different production batches.



A new look of heart

W22 can finally be finished, and the whole body wraps the film:



On the back of W22, the two labels are rather dazzling, and the author has never understood why the Internet access is always a trial. When will I see the non-trial?



Remove the film, it feels very smooth.



Group photo of the front and the world:



Group photo on the back, two hearts are connected to the world:



Group photo after opening the folding screen:



Open the top of the folding screen: three microphone holes and the top speaker.



Open the bottom of the folding screen: the bottom speaker, a microphone hole and USB-C socket.



Open the left side of the folding screen: there is only one SIM card slot.



Open the right side of the folding screen: the power button and volume adjustment button with integrated fingerprint recognition.



It is said that compared to Fold 3, there is a folding screen hinge that is further strengthened and optimized:



I haven't experienced Fold 3, and I can't see the mystery of the W22 screen axis.



Look at it from another angle:



Top of the collapsed state:









The golden screen shaft has the SAMSUNG logo, which is rich in style and good in texture.



This time, the back of the W22 is made of ceramic material that Samsung has not used for a long time. The author is indifferent to this, neither disappointed nor surprised. The reason is that the author is a "sulfuric acid sweat hand", and any mobile phone must be used with a cover.

As for the use of ceramic materials, various opinions on the weight, security and durability of the fuselage, and texture, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise.


Heart and my heart

The front view with NOTE 9 and NOTE 20 U in the folded state:



Group photo of the back with NOTE 9 and NOTE 20 U in the folded state:



Group photo of the bottom with NOTE 9 and NOTE 20 U in the folded state:



A group photo of the bottom and NOTE9 plus NOTE 20U stacked in the folded state:



Group photo with NOTE 9 and NOTE 20 U on the right side in the folded state:



Group photo of the left side (screen axis direction) with NOTE 9 and NOTE 20 U in the folded state:


The front of the foldable screen is unfolded, and the photo with NOTE 9 and NOTE 20 U:



Here is another picture, W22 expanded state, the screen width seems to be not as good as NOTE9+NOTE 20U in parallel:



Group photo with NOTE 9 and NOTE 20 U on the back of the foldable screen unfolded state:



Comparing the main cameras on the back of the three, NOTE9 is undoubtedly willing to be inferior, and NOTE 20U seems to be inferior.



Comparing the three front cameras, NOTE9 is a traditional design, and the other two are screen digging designs.



After the W22 folding screen is unfolded, the front camera is located on the right side of the screen. It is said to be an under-screen camera, but it is clearly visible when the screen is off.


New set of heart

The release of W22 also introduced a special accessory set, namely an exclusive leather phone case and an exclusive gold ring stylus.

W22 unfolded front and its exclusive protective cover unfolded internal view.

Looking at the leather material inside the protective sleeve, the author worries about whether it can withstand the test of time under the sweat of my sulfuric acid hands.



Both unfold the back, and feel that the storage location of the stylus is indeed arranged very well.



W22 unfolded state with upper sleeve:



W22 with the cover in the front folded state, still thinking about the world:



On the back of the W22 with a sleeve in the folded state, the stylus on the side of the screen axis is a bit cumbersome, but I can't think of other better solutions.



Top of W22 with cover in folded state:



Bottom of W22 with cover in folded state:



W22 with sleeve folded state screen axis side:



W22 with sleeve on the other side in folded state:



Other angle 1:



Other angle 2:



W22 with the cover folded state, the daily posture for opening the protective cover should be as follows:



Open the protective cover when the W22 with the cover is folded, the front is like this when you hold it in your left hand:



Open the protective cover when the W22 with the cover is folded, the back is like this when you hold it in your left hand:



This brings about a problem: the width of the leather upper cover in the curled state causes a protruding part, which is inconvenient for the operation of fingerprint recognition with the index finger and affects the comfort.



Changing the right hand to hold the front is like this:



When holding with the right hand, the operation of fingerprint recognition with the thumb is relatively more comfortable than the operation with the index finger of the left hand.



When the folding screen is unfolded, the width of the leather top cover has another advantage. The left hand will naturally hold the wide part of the leather top cover without blocking the screen and affecting the line of sight. There is no need to worry about touching the screen by mistake.



Of course, if you want to move violently when the folding screen is unfolded, I still recommend the thumb and little finger to operate as shown in the figure below to ensure stability.


What is the heart of the world?(Original Chinese is"何为心系天下?")

At this point, the picture and text have approached 3000 words, and the pictures have exceeded 80. According to the usual practice, the article should be finished again.

The author is currently reluctant to make videos, and the text is more persistent, the title says "out of the box", the content is out of the box, there will be no boot content.

Of course, the author also knows that the synonym for persistence is stubbornness, but one is a commendatory term and the other is a derogatory term.

I think Samsung and China Telecom have jointly produced the Heart of the World series. The achievements and influence achieved in the past 13 years are not bad.


Here, I want to talk about my personal views on it, and also explain the title of the article and the questions left by the previous article.

First of all, the full model name of W22 5G is SM-W2022. SM said it was a Samsung mobile phone, and 2022 naturally said that it was geared towards 2022. Everyone can understand this. However, the choice of W comes from two reasons:

The first reason: Before the folding screen series represented by Z came out, W represented the shape of the folding body. As for why V was not selected as the representative, please see the second reason below;

The second reason: W is the first letter of World; why it is related to World, please see the second below.


Second, the heart is the source of the world. I have already said at the beginning of the article: The main customer target of the W series is the social elite in the traditional sense. What will the elites care about after XX?

Naturally, the author can't elaborate. I can only let readers look at the following pictures, and they should be able to understand.



Then, naturally, from the Hello World, I am concerned about the world(Original Chinese is"天下")!

Originally, World is the world(Original Chinese is"天下"), domineering, right?



Finally, let's talk about the author's current heart, without it, is whether Samsung still has the next generation of Galaxy Note.

W2022 5G is the first time I bought the W series mobile phone. The current experience has just begun. Whether there will be subsequent user experience articles afterwards, it depends on whether there is time and mood.

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